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A Holistic Healing Association
Denver, Colorado | 1-302-586-8665* | Info@CompWellness.biz

How to Find Complementary Healthcare Practitioners and Businesses

1. CHECK for our free, online, Members list (if you have not already). These practitioners are generally in Colorado (Denver Metro area), however our national, qualified practitioner list is growing each day.

2. REGISTER for our free, online, monthly newsletter list (if you have not already paid Members are already registered), by:

3. ENTER into Google.com:

  • Modality Type (with hyphens to keep together and in that order)
  • Followed by your City (with hyphens to keep together and in that order)
  • Followed by your State (as ~ST to get several forms of the state name)

  • Example: Massage-Therapy Colorado-Springs ~CO

4. OBTAIN the following:

  • Three client references' phone and/or email address
  • Proof of License, Registration or Certification - fax or email
  • Proof of Education - fax or email
  • Professional Society or Association memberships - fax or email
  • Information on Practice Methodologies, Treatment Philosphy and Education of the Client (you) - fax, email, brochure or website

5. For additional help, CALL our Complementary Healthcare HOTLINE: 1-302-586-8665 (1-888-745-3724)
(99 cents per minute - free first 5 minutes of actual conversation - payable by major credit card)

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*Our 1-302-586-8665 health information service is free for the first 5 minutes, then 99 cents per minute on major credit card*

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