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System to make your face fresh, young, strong, healthy & more beautiful every day
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Volume 2, Issue 11 June 30, 2000


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Osteopathic Medicine, by 2012 CompWellness Legacy Site

Our eGuide Chapter, "Osteopathic Medicine," by Harold Magoun, DO, FAAO, DOEd (Hon), describes Osteopathy and Osteopathic Medicine in the following paragraphs.

Osteopathy is a traditional term which refers to Osteopathic Manipulation. The modern term, Osteopathic Medicine, is indicative of the total licensure of Osteopathic Physicians to practice medicine, surgery, obstetrics and manipulation.

Andrew Taylor Still, MD, the founder of Osteopathic Medicine who practiced at the time of the Civil War, was very dissatisfied with the profession of medicine. After losing three of his own children in an epidemic of spinal meningitis, he decided there had to be a better answer.

Closer examination of his patients revealed that those with illness and other complaints had areas of tightness, soreness, swelling and other physical problems. He found that by working with them manually, better results were achieved than with his medicines.

He intended to "improve the practice of medicine, surgery and obstetrics," but his new ideas were rejected. So he established a new philosophy of medicine called "Osteopathy," and opened the first Osteopathic College in Kirksville Missouri, in 1892.

Today, there are twenty one Osteopathic Colleges and more than 40,000 Osteopathic Physicians (DOs). It is estimated that in excess of 20% of the US military medical corps are DOs.

Click the eGuide Chapter and article titles for more information and pictures. If you are reading this before July 24th, the Member-Only Additions continue, describing Osteopathic Medicine as the originator of several forms of manipulative therapies, such as Craniosacral Therapy. The section also has a summary of "History of Osteopathic Medicine," a consumer site and two Case Examples.

The Practitioner-Member-Only Additions continue beyond the Member-Only Additions: an association of DOs (AOA), Osteopathic Medical Colleges (AACOM), the Worldwide WWW Resource Website, and a summary of "Osteopathic Medicine: A Distinctive Branch of Mainstream Medical Care."


Column Sam Benjamin, MD (Send comments for Dr Benjamin to us)

Dr Sam Benjamin is a pioneering holistic MD in New York and Arizona, working side-by-side with other pioneers such as Andrew Weil, MD. He spent a number of years working in international health then later in private practice. Most recently, he was recruited to the State University of New York at Stony Brook School of Medicine where he runs the new Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

Prayer and Medical Science

In an October 1999 article, "Prayer Study by Harris et al" in the Archives of Internal Medicine, a group of researchers showed that there was a statistically significant difference in the outcomes of patients in a coronary care unit when prayed for at long distance when compared to a control group. For most of us there is no surprise here. We welcome the research to validate what we already know prayer is good for you and for those that you pray for!

However, the response from the American medical community best expresses their philosophy: "If I don't believe it, I can't control it and I can't explain why it happens, then it's not real even if it's shown to be true." The medical community made comments that:

In response, Larry Dossey, MD prepared a wonderful editorial - in the same journal - on this medical hypocrisy in a measured and brilliant way that I encourage you all to read: "Prayer and Medical Science."

I will only add this question which, I admit, shows my contentiousness and impatience with American medicine and its leaders: "If we spend more money in total and more money per capita than any other country on health care and yet we have been rated by the World Health Care Organization as being 37th in the level of our national health by what reasoning do our medical leaders think that they can defend their position?"

I am not attacking science mind you! I am asking why we assume that only by spending more on technology and reducing phenomena to their most elemental level will deliver better outcomes. The medical establishment continues its cry- more science, more money, more research and more technology will one day yield better outcomes- better health. Well, not withstanding what will happen tomorrow - they have had quite a while to deliver and have done a pretty poor job of it - I can pray today for my friends, this world and those I love. This does not cost anything, it does some good, and I have never known anyone to be admitted to the emergency room of any hospital with a "prayer overdose."


Reviews (Send books, software and other publications to review to the address on our Website. You may also request publications to review, or submit six-paragraph reviews with your one-paragraph biography, at

"Alternative Healing - What Really Works," by Salley Shannon, Reader's Digest, July 2000, opens with "Are magnets misleading? Is hypnosis just hype? Here's the lowdown. ... Alternative therapies like these aren't so 'alternative' anymore. In fact, a growing number of patients swear by them. A 1997 survey published in the Journal of the American Medical Association estimated that, in the previous year, four in ten Americans used a non-mainstream treatment such as meditation or massage, paying some $27 billion."

In our Member-Only Additions, we summarize Ms Shannon's basically positive evaluations of Acupuncture, Hypnosis, Magnet Therapy, Massage Therapy and Biofeedback.

In our Practitioner-Member-Only Additions we follow the Member-Only Additions with an evaluation and listing of Related Links, Practitioner Search Engines and Related Articles.


Questions & Answers (Email your questions to us at

Healthcare in the year 2000 and beyond will be as much prevention and preparation as it will be responding intelligently to symptoms. Building strong body systems involves learning some new ways to deal with old problems. Here are some straight-forward answers to typical and complicated medical problems.

Gout and ADD in PA - Mary A - June 13th

My husband needs a Naturopathic Physician in Pennsylvania that will take insurance. He has depression and the drugs don't work. He has not been tested physically, may have ADD and has Gout.

The location of the Naturopathy article is

To learn the easiest ways to find a practitioner, go to "How to Find a Practitioner or Business." It will direct you to EarthMed and a list of Naturopathic Physicians. See if the Naturopathic Physician does Iridology, Healing Touch or Chinese Medicine diagnosis. Also some may be Medical Intuitives.

Cytomegalovirus - Emily G - June 17th

Searching the web for some help regarding Cytomegalovirus, I found your sight thru Can you direct me to a web site or help me with an holistic treatment for this dis-order? I too am a member of and would appreciate any help or info. I live in NJ so if you know someone in Philadelphia or NJ this would be helpful. Thank you.

Conducting a SavvySearch for Cytomegalovirus, we found 22 results.

To learn the easiest ways to find a practitioner is to go to

Multiple Sclerosis - Vincent T - June 22nd

What do you recommend for a 30 year Multiple Sclerosis person in a wheel chair?

We have two suggestions:


Reader Comments (Email your comments to us at

Referring to the recent "Caffeine and Kids" eJournal article...

Caffeine and TREMORs - Ron C - June 6th

Caffeine is also reputed to be bad for TREMOR. I have cut it out. One MUST read labels as OTHER sodas besides colas sometimes also contain caffeine!

I'm not sure what TREMOR is exactly -- do you have a web reference where I can learn more?

I have a "benign familial tremor" similar to an "essential tremor" in my right hand. They are NOT Parkinson's tremors. It is related to St Vitus' Dance. I'm quite surprised that a medical writer has never heard of TREMOR before.

Actually, we are holistic healthcare writers and researchers, so we usually ask for details about more-specific medical conditions. Also, I believe that we would know more about the 100+ holistic modalities than typical conventional medical writer - we have to go with our strengths to stay strong and accurate.

I'll cruise the Internet and understand your condition better. Thank you for participating.


Reader Profiles (Send your profile in this format to us at

We have found it very interesting to find out about the healthcare and other professionals reading our eLetter. We will publish these here, as well as a weekly summary as available, to the discussion group list. Registration for the eLetter and joining the Discussion Group are required see the end of this eLetter.

Submit yours today ...

The format is: Name, Credentials. Company Name, City, State, Country (if not USA). Profession/Modalities. Very short Description of Profession with a link to more info if needed, a few Specifics on what you do in the profession. Email address, web address, phone number (optional)


News (Send news leads to us at

News report summaries on Healthcare and Wellness follow. We have most of the articles on file in case you look for the web references after they are cleared. Additional news articles are at EarthMed Headlines, Alternative Health News Online and HealthWorld News.

"How to Exercise With Back Pain," from's June 29th newsletter, Your Health Today, says "doctors agree that too much bed rest does more harm than good. So if you suffer from back pain, find out how to stay active safely." Click title for full article.

"Shaping the Future of CAM Research," in the Complementary & Alternative Medicine at the NIH newsletter, by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM), Spring 2000. "The field of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) is at an important threshold. The American public wants information about current developments in CAM within a university or hospital setting, not in a marginalized or fringe arena. To help academia and the government address this provocative area, we now must discuss these therapies in an open and informative setting, said David M Eisenberg, MD, Director of the Center for Alternative Medicine Research and Education (CAMRE), at the first town meeting on CAM research, March 15, 2000. The meeting brought medical experts together to discuss current developments in CAM research at the local, regional, and national levels, as well as at the NIH.

"Dr Eisenberg spoke to an enthusiastic audience of more than 500 health care professionals and members of the press and general public. The town meeting was held at the conclusion of five days of CAMRE-sponsored continuing medical education courses that attracted almost 3,000 national and international participants.

"The newsletter is available on NCCAM's Website or via e-mail by contacting the NCCAM Clearing House by toll-free telephone (1-888-644-6226) or by e-mail. Please specify if you want Adobe Acrobat or plain HTML."

Click title for full article.


Announcements (Send press releases and replies to us at

October 28-29, Centerville, Cape Cod, Massachusetts. This announcement is repeated to clarify that this event is a conference with the name "Healing, Herbal Medicine and Cancer." Purpose: "to share current, credible information on natural approaches to alleviating the symptoms of cancer and lowering the risks for cancer. Over 20 professional presentations and intensive workshops will be offered on cancer from the perspectives of Herbology, Naturopathy, Nutrition, Psychology, those touched by cancer, Aromatherapy, healing QiGong, Yoga, energy and strength-building exercises."

The deadline for the Early-Bird Discount of $34 is August 1st. For an email announcement, including the speakers and topics list, contact: Norma Weinberg, (508)771-0164 (between 12 noon and 8 PM EDT).

Please forward this newsletter to Friends and Associates

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21st Century Wellness eLetter .. Complementary Healing eGuide .. Wellness eJournal

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21st Century Wellness eLetter Issues Listing

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