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System to make your face fresh, young, strong, healthy & more beautiful every day
System to make your face fresh, young, strong, healthy & more beautiful every day
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Volume 2, Issue 3 February 15, 2000

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CompWellness Network Attitude Core Beliefs and Relationships
by Lawrence Quell, DC

Every day we challenged in many ways: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. As we have seen in previous issues, these challenges can effect our health. Our goal then, is to establish the maximum health state possible for ourselves and our loved ones, which is a state of wellness. As an expansion of the third component of Wellness Attitude described in our November 1999 Wellness Components article, we continue with Dr Quell, on core beliefs and relationships.


Everybody has core beliefs. These are the beliefs that you grew up with, positive or negative. You may have been told as a child that you were "stupid," "you'll never amount to anything," "you don't deserve to be happy," "you're ugly" and the list continues.

When these ideas were conveyed, often inadvertently, by the people who raised you, it's no wonder you tended to think that these statements were true. These statements were emotionally charged and then became the core beliefs about who you think you are today.

All too often it takes failed marriages, collapsed businesses, as well as many years of hurt and therapy before you begin to realize that those negative beliefs that you internalized as a child were false.

Click the title for the full article.

Integrative Medicine Who gives a CAM?
by Milton Hammerly, MD

This is an excellent treatise on Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) written by a noted medical doctor to his peers. You may want to give a copy of this to your non-holistic medical practitioners: medical, dental, vision and veterinary.

Sir William Osler, the "Father of Internal Medicine in America" who advised to "be not the first nor the last" in adopting new therapeutic approaches, would probably be appalled at how many physicians are dragging their feet with respect to complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). In fact around the turn of the century Dr Osler himself recognized that Acupuncture was a useful adjunct for patients with low back pain. The objection physicians most often raise for not accepting or adopting CAM is that there are no studies adequately documenting safety and efficacy for these therapies.

As more and more studies document both the safety and efficacy of select CAM interventions in specific clinical situations the above objection becomes more of an excuse based on ideology than a reason founded on thoughtful consideration. With a significant percentage of our patients using CAM it is apparent that physicians who choose to remain willfully ignorant of CAM, are doing their patients a disservice.

Click the title for the full article.

Reviews Nutrition Guides from Legion of Light: "Nutritional Awareness Guide" and "Proper Food Combing," by Jennifer Workman, MS, RD
(Send books, software and other publications to review to the address on our Website)

Jennifer Workman, MS, RD  CLICK FOR WEBSITE

These guides are two-sided, laminated, color quick-reference guides that retail for $6.95 in book and health food stores. They are not a substitute for books or professional advice, but are more a reminder of the key points in their subject area. They are researched and produced originally be Neil S Cohen, a long-time naturalist, nutritionist and herbalist, through years of research and feedback from experts.

Nutritional Awareness Guide, The Benefits and Whole-Food Sources of Vitamins and Minerals (8" x 13")

Lists the vitamins, minerals, and trace elements necessary for optimum health, their finest whole-food sources (no meat or dairy products listed), and how they function in and benefit body and mind.

The information on this guide is basic and concise. It is good to be able to see sources of different vitamins at a glance. The Finest Food Sources list after each vitamin and mineral is definitely helpful and concise. Food is a better source of vitamins and minerals, so that your supplementation only needs to be just that supplements. Studies have shown that organically grown food, of course, are a better source for vitamins and minerals.

Proper Food Combining (8" x 10")

Describes the art of combining types of foods, complete with a food-combining diagram and in-depth information on the subject. It shows (1) the types of fruits the go well together, as well as the durations between eating fruits and other food types, as well as (2) the poor, good and excellent combinations of low/non-starchy vegetables, carbohydrates/starches, proteins, and fats/oils. Animal products are not recommended for optimal health. The stated basis of the combination evaluations is that "enzymes have specialized functions and definite limits in the capabilities, ... [so] our systems are not designed to digest numerous types of foods at the same time." There are also some general reminders, such as: not eating when you are stressed, eating moderately heated foods, and drinking little with meals to minimize diluting your digestive juices.

I do not completely agree with the food combining guide. The guidelines are reasonable overall, but I think it is the specifics of what you combine and how your particular digestive system functions that make the difference. The typical American cold turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread with milk and an apple is definitely hard on the digestive system for the many people who don't tolerate wheat, gluten, or dairy very well. It's even worse if you are eating on the run or in the car.

Sitting down to a warm meal, at a Japanese or Tai restaurant, having tofu or salmon teriyaki with vegetables, wasabi, ginger, and a little rice usually digests just fine. Most ethnic cooking combines proteins or beans and grains but they use herbs and spices to aid digestion. That's why I emphasize herbs, spices, and gluten-free foods to aid digestion.

Testing and experimenting with different foods, combined with other foods, herbs and spices, will tell you more about what foods go together best for you.

See other guide reviews: Legion of Light's " Aromatherapy Awareness Guide" as well as " Herbology guides" by Wellness Way and Legion of Light.

Next issue, Jennifer will review Wellness Way's five Nutritional guides.

Jennifer Workman is a registered dietitian with a Master's Degree in nutrition and exercise physiology. She is the owner of The Balanced Approach, a nutrition and weight-management consulting company based on the principles of Ayurveda and sports nutrition, based in Boulder Colorado.

Reader Profiles (Send your profile in this format to us at

We thought it would be very interesting to the other readers to find out about the healthcare and other professionals reading our 21st Century Wellness eLetter.

Margaret M (Peg) Olson, RN BSN. Illinois Center For Healing Touch, Chicago IL 60646. Holistic Nursing, Gerontology, Healing Touch, Therapeutic Touch, Reiki. Registered Nurse 25 years, working in Critical Care, Home Health and Parish Nursing. Taught Gerontology. Was in Janet Mentgen's pilot class for Healing Touch, then co-taught the first class in Chicago in 1992. Has Holistic Nursing Certification. Trained in Therapeutic Touch by Dr Dee Kreiger and Dora Kunz. Completed 2nd degree Reiki Certification. Been taught by Barbara Brennan, Rosalyn Bruyere and Carolyn Myss., phone/fax: (773)274-7534.

Cynthia Hutchison, DNSc, RN, MSN, CHTP/I. Boulder, CO. Certified Nurse Psychotherapist since 1979. Studied Therapeutic Touch in 1983 with Dr Dolores Kreiger (founder of Therapeutic Touch). She earned a doctoral degree in Psychiatric nursing in 1987. In the early nineties, she became certified in Healing Touch as a practitioner and instructor. From 1994 to 1999, she was the Director of the Research Department of Healing Touch International.

Update: Julie Weiner, MS, BCIAC, Fellow. Riverdale, NY. Certified Biofeedback Therapist. Biofeedback involves using computerized instruments that show people, in real time, changes in aspects of their physiologic functioning. Uses EEG (brain-wave) biofeedback to help children and adults with attention deficit disorder and head injury, and EEG as well as electromyographic (muscle-tension), heart-rate, fingertip-temperature and/or galvanic skin response biofeedback to teach stress- and pain-management, help with insomnia. Voicemail: 914-633-2991.

Questions & Answers (Email your questions to us at

Healthcare in the year 2000 and beyond will be as much prevention and preparation as it will be responding intelligently to symptoms. Building strong body systems involves learning some new ways to deal with old problems. Here are some straight-forward answers to typical and complicated medical problems.

Note: Additional help is offered to those who subscribe to the 21st Century Wellness eLetter.

IV Vitamin Therapy S Boden February 3rd

My mother lives in the Dallas area and needs to find a healthcare practitioner that offers IV vitamin therapy. She has degenerative arthritis with bone spurs in all areas of her spine. She has "calcium deposits" in her arteries. She is in a lot of pain and needs to find treatment. Conventional medicine has offered her nothing so far to help. If you know of someone in her area, please contact me. Thank you.

Thank you for your question. These are the two that I can find from one database.

Inquiry, CompWellness Medicine Chapter Dinah L February 6th

Looking for alternative treatment for diabetic neuropathies. Thanks

Dinah- Thank you for your question. Two possible sites follow.

Information for Students Karen W February 10th

I am requesting any information you may share with my students. I teach a Medical Technologies program in Findlay, OH. We are working on a County wide project entitled "The Utilization of Medicine/Exercise in Industry." The goal is to research and present a plan for local industries which will include monitoring of lab values, exercise and nutritional aspects. The purpose is to reduce lost time at work and to improve corporate productivity. We are specifically looking for any studies already done that will support the theory that through the utilization of these tools the corporation will see lowered insurance claims and improved moral as well as productivity. We are on a tight time line and appreciate a quick response. Thank you.

Karen- Thank you for your question. Everything we know in distributable form is on the site, with hundreds of references to other sites.

Myofascial Pain Right Hip- James H February 11th

How to treat???? Thanks, The Runner

James- This is quite a wide-ranged question. We'd like to help, but need some more information. Is your pain centered around your hip joint, radiating from your back or strictly muscular? How long has it persisted? What have you done for it? Where are you big city or small town? City and zip code will help find a practitioner. In the meantime, look at Medical Information Network for links to several sites on Myofascial pain.

Colonic Info Brecke D February 10th

Please email me. Thank you so much! Brecke (Denver Area)

Brecke- These are the a few of the Colon Therapists that we know of in Denver and surrounding areas there are others, if these don't work out [links given in response]:

Medical Intuitive, Leslie B February 13th

I am looking for a Medical Intuitive in my area Burbank, Glendale, or Pasadena area in Los Angeles County, CA. Thanks. Leslie B

Leslie- Thank you for your question. Here is our initial response [links given in response]:

Healing Touch Practitioners Anne M February 14th

Would you be kind enough to forward the address of a Healing Touch practitioner in Columbus, Ohio to my daughter? Her e-mail address is .... She is a ... who is suffering neck and back pain, possibly as a result of her profession. I have personally received great help with arthritis here in Florida, and would appreciate your assistance in finding a professional in her area. Thanks very much. New Smyrna Beach.

Anne- Thank you for your question. Here is our initial response [link and phone number given in response]: Sybil W Baker, CHTP, Columbus OH. Note: we know of additional practitioners in the area, but do not know which Ohio towns are close to Columbus. As subscribers to the 21st Century Wellness eLetter, you may call us to interactively find more practitioners.

Good morning, Kent, you are a true night-owl! Thanks so very much for the quick reply re a CHTP for my daughter, Tracy. She will be very glad to find out about Sybil Baker. The effects of Healing Touch are truly amazing, and it's no wonder that the movement is spreading quickly. Thank heavens people, including doctors and other health professionals, are becoming open to alternative medicine. There is so much to be gained. My Massage Therapist is working through the Healing Touch levels and just completed a seminar this past weekend. I am sending her a copy of your letter. Perhaps she will let you know what Healing Touch has done for her following an automobile accident. She herself has an outstanding power of touch and intends to work through to become an instructor. We appreciate your help immensely! Anne

News (Email news leads to us at

News reports summaries on Healthcare and Wellness follow. We have most of the articles on file in case you look for the web references after they are cleared.

Poll: Should American Soldiers be Court-Martialed for Refusing Anthrax Vaccine? , Alternative Medicine, February 14th-21st. "Following the Gulf War, the US Department of Defense perceived the use of biological weapons as a distinct threat from rogue nations such as Iraq and North Korea, as well as small terrorist groups. In December 1997, Secretary of the Defense William Cohen announced the Anthrax Vaccine Immunization Program (AVIP), which mandated inoculating all 2.4 million active, Guard and Reserve service members by 2003. To date, about 10% of US military personnel have begun the six-shot vaccination series that lasts over 18 months, followed by annual boosters.

"Serious questions have arisen as to the need, efficacy and safety of the vaccine. A significant number of debilitating adverse reactions have been reported. One hundred and fifty-thousand American soldiers were vaccinated with it during the Gulf War, and there is evidence linking its use with "Gulf War Syndrome." For more information on Gulf War Syndrome, go to Burton Goldberg's Essay on the subject. For this reason, hundreds of our active and reserve military personnel have refused to be vaccinated. ... Presently, dozens of other soldiers are facing court-martial for this offense.

(Click title for more about the court-martialing.)

"Question: Should American soldiers be court-martialed and sentenced to jail time and a dishonorable discharge for disobeying the order to be vaccinated with the anthrax vaccine?

"Results (with vote = 434):

It is interesting to note that initially Feb 14, 8:30PM the poll had results were 91, 31, 28 and 45 weighted entirely the opposite direction. (It is difficult to vote multiple times.) It will be interesting to see the final tally vote today and check back on the 21st.

Can Fish Oil Chase Both Heart Attacks And Blues?, New York Times Syndicate, February 10th. "The claims of late for fish oil sound as extravagant as those for snake oil but a closer look at the research suggests that fish oil may actually live up to its amazing promises. The secret ingredient? Two special omega-3 fats called EPA and DHA that are found in every fish, but which are lacking in almost everyone's diet.

"There's real evidence that inside the body, omega-3 fats help prevent or treat rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, heart attacks, cancer, Crohn's disease, attention deficit disorder, schizophrenia, manic depression, cystic fibrosis and severe menstrual cramps. Some experts even tie the rise of depression in the twentieth century to diets low in omega-3s.

Click title for full article.

Announcements (Email press releases to us at

Seminars on NeuroEnergetic Release,® a highly-effective bodywork methodology. Donald Kipp, NCTMB, developed NER and says, "It quickly removes recent and long-term blockages creating the conditions of health necessary to heal from most musculoskeletal ailments." There's more info at his website. Professional courses are in progress the next entry-level seminar is in Denver, March 11-12, followed by advanced courses at April 8-9 and May 6-7. Register on the website or call (303)480-8288.

ISSSEEM Tenth Annual Conference, June 15-21, 2000, Boulder, Colorado. "The Heart of Energy Medicine, A Renaissance of Health & Healing," by the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies & Energy Medicine (ISSSEEM). The ISSSEEM Annual Conference serves as the leading public forum for scholarly presentations at the interface of medicine, consciousness, and healing, as well as the place where ISSSEEM members and other interested people may come together to share and be educated. In a real sense, it is one of the ways the emerging paradigm is nurtured and spread. The goals of this conference are distinctly different from many other conferences in the area of consciousness, healing, and complementary medicine in that it is a professional scientific meeting with opportunity for scientists, clinicians, and lay persons to share knowledge and expertise.

Free Lectures Denver Area All the following are at 7:00 pm, Vitamin Cottage, 12612 West Alameda Parkway (1/2 mile West of Union), Lakewood CO. For more information contact Mica Matteson, 303-986-4600x18.

Visit the Denver Area then Colorado superior business and vacation facilities as well as wonderful practitioners. Make arrangements two-three weeks in advance for the best rates with Josephine Hehnke your Colorado travel specialist at 1-888-Go-with-Jo.

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21st Century Wellness eLetter Issues Listing

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