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System to make your face fresh, young, strong, healthy & more beautiful every day
System to make your face fresh, young, strong, healthy & more beautiful every day


Wellness comes through an easy flow of our own natural internal energies, earth energies and universal energies, all free from blockages imposed by toxicity, trauma, negative emotions or outdated belief systems. This chapter addresses several wellness concepts: health and wellness, complementary mental health, Next-Step Recovery and flotation tanks.

Health and Wellness

The most successful health and wellness techniques may be extremely diverse and must as well be highly individualized. A stiff or sore neck and shoulders may be best treated in a great number of ways.

For example, one individual may respond best to hands-on massage with Aromatherapy oils or manipulative techniques, while in another, these techniques may create a dependency. In another case, a classical Homeopathic remedy may be the best treatment, yet for someone else, an environmental, nutritional or toxicity issue may need to be addressed.

Medicine Wheel Consultants focuses on the following three holistic modalities. The result is enhanced overall wellness.

Source: Carl Janicek, RWC, CMT, Denver, Denver, Littleton, Golden, CO.

Complementary Mental Health

Some people suffer from stress. Some have learning problems or ADHD. Others seek more productive lives or a chance at better relationships. Still others can't see their way down the path to a richer, fuller life. They stumble on the obstacles of learning disabilities, food allergies, an injury or unresolved emotional trauma. Unfulfilled promise doesn't have to be the result, however. These limiting physical, mental and emotional roadblocks can be identified, treated and resolved.

Customized therapy programs help healing and positive change can occur in both body and mind, using conventional and innovative health and learning therapies.

The health and learning programs at the Center for InnerChange of Denver are designed to dissolve roadblocks to achievement through the use of Tomatis Listening, behavioral medicine, neurotherapy and biofeedback, health and fitness programs, and individual and family psychotherapy that build in success. To find out how the Center can help you–or someone you love–free monthly informational presentations are given. You'll hear straight talk about the solutions, learn about the myriad of programs and treatments as well as their effectiveness.

Source: Center for InnerChange, Denver CO.

Next-Step Recovery

Healing is about taking responsibility for our health and well-being. As we travel on our journey, our conscious awareness of our bodies and life becomes more vibrant. Our choices become abundant and with this realization, we connect with the freedom of self-empowerment. Next-Step Recovery is for those people who realize recovery and spiritual well-being is about stepping out of the victim consciousness and moving away from the limitations of disease modes.

The Next-Step Recovery program is a comprehensive system with an eight week commitment. The program includes individualized components for the body, mind, spirit, emotions and the mind. Each session includes some work with Thought Field Therapy (see chapter).

Denise Christiana-Beck is a Next-Step Recovery practitioner who believes in the necessity of integrating these many dimensions to heal body, mind and spirit. This process creates wholeness, that emanates from within. Relapse occurs because of the individuals lack of internal integration, which is the tragic ramification of traumatic childhood and the self-abusive behavior of addictions. Relapse can be minimized by Next-Step Recovery.

Source: Denise Christiana-Beck, BS, CACII, CMT, Denver, CO.

Flotation Tanks

Epsom salt flotation spas, also known as flotation tanks, are a therapy as old as the Dead Sea whose benefits continue to be confirmed by medical research. In its most basic sense, a session in the float tank consists of floating on your back in a private, sanitary, shallow pool of warm water which has been supersaturated with Epsom salts. Today's flotation spas are often equipped with speakers, allowing you to float while listening to softmusic, guided meditations, self-help tapes or your favorite tape. Water is purified before and after each session.

A float session is a vacation from the stress of life's daily pressures. In your private flotation spa, your body is cradled as you float effortlessly in the warm water. Enjoying freedom from light, noise and gravity, your body relaxes and releases its tension. Your mind stops chattering as brain wave activity slows, resulting in a deep state of mental and physical relaxation.

Epsom salt flotation therapy has been found to consistently provide relief from stress, fatigue, arthritis and pain. Virtually all regular floaters have experienced one or more of the following benefits: lowered blood pressure, improved sleep, improved concentration, enhanced creativity, enhanced relaxation, enhanced athletic performance, accelerated healing, heightened immunity and reduced smoking/overeating. Sessions in the float tank generally take one hour, though more experienced floaters may spend two hours or more in the tank.

Source: The Float Tank

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