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System to make your face fresh, young, strong, healthy & more beautiful every day
System to make your face fresh, young, strong, healthy & more beautiful every day

Vision Care

Vision Care is the art and science of developing, enhancing and remediating visual abilities to achieve optimal visual performance, efficiency and comfort. In essence, it is a program of arranging conditions to permit a patient the opportunity to:

Vision Care is based on comprehensive analysis and diagnosis of the functioning of the visual system. It is an individualized program directed at treatment of specifically diagnosed vision conditions. The following are an integral part of the successful optometric treatment of the vision problem:

Because the program is individualized, the treatment parameters vary: the number of visits per week, the length of each office visit, the amount of home training and the total number of visits. The variations depend upon the nature and severity of the problem being treated and the needs of a patient.

Vision is the learned process of deriving meaning from what you see, beginning with light entering the eye. However, vision goes far beyond the simplistic concept of sight, measured in terms of visual acuity. Vision involves:

Together, these components comprise a definition of vision that involves input, computing, output and feedback of the total action system of an individual.

Near/Far Sightedness Improvement

Dr. William Bates, an ophthalmologist in the early 1900's, popularized the concept of "palming" and other relaxation exercises to strengthen the eyes and reduce dependency on eyeglasses.

The idea that a one-inch letter needs to be seen clearly at twenty feet to define "normal" vision is somewhat arbitrary. Although people need to be able to visually function in their life, much of the life we lead in this period of history is related to near-point activities, such as reading and computer work. In many cases, it is this prolonged near activity that causes distance blur, eyestrain, headaches and other problems.

The eyes are biologically unsuited for the kinds of close work that modern life demands. Eyes are designed for three dimensional, fast moving, multi-focal viewing. However, computer screens, books, newspapers and other close tasks make your eyes focus at one distance in two dimensions only. Consequently, reading for long periods of time, sewing and other near work can cause varying intensities of strain on your eyes. This leads to an overall loss of vision fitness.

Holistic optometrists trained in this area will be able to restore vision fitness through: exercises, judicious use of glasses or contacts as vision fitness devices, stress reduction techniques, proper breathing, and psychological and nutritional counseling.

Source: Terence Trinka, OD.

Comments on Vision Therapy for Children

Jake's mother has noticed marked improvements in him since he started Vision Therapy. He seems so much more confident in himself; he's calmer and has a much nicer disposition. He appears content, not frustrated and agitated like he was previously. Jake says his reading is much easier, and his words are not crossing over each other. In addition, he can keep both eyes open while he's reading.

Matt has shown improvement in reading and seems to be able to pay attention much better. It is easier for him to recall what he has read. His handwriting has improved, he takes more time, and he doesn't fight so much when it comes to homework.

Matt is working very hard at writing and reading and is doing very well. He wrote a full page (typed) report; before therapy he could only write one-fourth page. He is reading books for his age (6th grade) instead of 4th grade and under. His teachers are very impressed with his improvement.

Source: Eva K Strube, OD

Chapter Sources: Roger T Dowis, OD, FCOVD and Cami Dowis, MeEd, COVTT, Boulder CO.

An exciting aspect of Complementary Vision Care is the possibility of preventing future vision problems that may come from current corrective systems by holistically improving your vision to the point of not requiring the corrective systems. Publisher

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