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System to make your face fresh, young, strong, healthy & more beautiful every day
System to make your face fresh, young, strong, healthy & more beautiful every day


What better mind/body experience is there than quality education? Creative schools provide the atmosphere, structure and trained professionals to challenge and prepare one for transformative learning. Transformational learning takes place when an individual revises or develops new assumptions or beliefs about the world. The change may be subtle, dramatic or indescribable, yet upon self-reflection, his/her perspective has changed - often with a change in consciousness. Acquired knowledge and clarity, sometimes interpreted indirectly as a sense of empowerment or achievement or a new sense of self, aids in better decision-making in all areas of life.

The rewards of developing one's own authority, a personal identity expressed in one's own voice, is life changing. Holistic disciplines incorporated into a curriculum can encourage the learner to broaden boundaries, explore new possibilities and reach for his/her human potential.

Since Complementary Healthcare is growing rapidly in the United States, the attention by local and state governments to qualifications of practitioners is growing as well. As more practitioners enter the field, they will find more requirements from these governments which must be fulfilled prior to entering practice.

So it is important for practitioners to find out what the future will hold in their practices for the near- and long-term futures. Therefore, the following steps are important to obtain the education and training that will best serve a new practitioner, considering all possible areas cities, counties and states in which you may practice:

This chapter describes some of the types of schools: a School of Massage, a High School for Grades 8-12 and a Mystery School.

Massage Schools

Massage Schools offer curricula for students to become a Certified Massage Therapists. The faculty is dedicated to natural healthcare centered on the practice of Massage Therapy. Programs usually include at least 500+ hours, focusing on Western bodywork principles, Eastern techniques and/or a combination of both. Additional techniques include Swedish Massage, Sports Massage, Deep Tissue and Neuromuscular Massage.

With further study in one of these areas, the Massage Therapist can then specialize his practice. Core curricula generally consist of classes in Anatomy & Physiology, Massage Theory & Practice, Business Practices and Principles, Ethics, CPR and more. Optional courses are usually available. Curricula may vary, however the goal of the student is essentially the same. Passing the State Boards and National Certification Exam allows the graduate to practice the therapeutic skills developed in training.

Source: Tammy Kershaw, LMT, Gretna LA.

Mystery Schools

Mystery Schools, like ancient esoteric schools, form a special community to initiate participants into truths that are their birthright, and powers that are their natural gifts. They use ceremonies and rituals from around the world to tap deeper sources of consciousness and energy. Experiential sessions provide accelerated learning and leaps in perception that lead to deepened relationships, feeling empowered and confident, and a "realignment in the spirit."

Mystery Schools improve concentration, mindfulness, physical performance, creativity and spirituality. Participants learn to better face the challenges of creating and nurturing new emerging forms of self and society.

Source: Judith H Kopfler, PhD, Slidell LA.

Holistic Special Schools

Holistic Special Schools offer choices for educating children and adolescents who may have been unsuccessful in previous public or private school systems. Not all children learn the same way or at the same speed. However, all children can learn and progress in school. Holistic special schools value, respect and allow the student to progress at a rate at which they can be successful. The learning potential of each student is carefully analyzed so that direct, daily, close teacher-student interaction can provide proper instruction. Students are taught to their ability and strengths.

Holistic Special Schools teach the whole child whether they are gifted, average, learning disabled, drug rehabilitated or behaviorally disabled. The students grow in self-esteem and acquire respect for themselves and others. They take responsibility for their own behavior, assist in setting rules and help determine rewards and discipline in the school environment.

Source: Patricia Dunbar, New Orleans LA.

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