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System to make your face fresh, young, strong, healthy & more beautiful every day
System to make your face fresh, young, strong, healthy & more beautiful every day


Reflexology is an ancient Oriental technique that enhances the flow of energy and circulation, and restores the harmony of our essence to the body, mind and spirit. When finely tuned, our body has a natural flow of energy that positively affects every internal organ. The flow of energy takes specific paths throughout our body and converges on the feet and hands at what Reflexologists refer to as reflex points. This chapter also addresses the controversial subject of Reflexology tools.

By applying pressure to the reflex points on our feet and hands the natural flow of energy is revitalized. The pressure applied to the reflex points is a soothing combination of gentle and sometimes deep massage-like movements.

Reflexology enhances the body's natural healing ability by increasing the natural flow of energy and circulation throughout the body. This natural flow of energy courses through ten specific body pathways and positively affects every internal organ, gland and cell in our structure. Each of these ten pathways converge in the feet and hands. The convergence of the pathways is called the reflex points.

By applying soothing pressure to the reflex points on the feet and hands, circulation and energy flow are revitalized. The revitalized circulation gently increases energy flow and cleanses the system of toxins and blockages.

Symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, lack of concentration, back pain and arthritis are merely symptoms and not the root cause of dis-ease . The Reflexologist believes that these symptoms could result when the natural flow of energy and circulation is blocked or interrupted.

Reflexology utilizes a holistic approach, and will help to:

Reflexology Tools

There is a controversy among Reflexologists regarding the use of instruments and other aids, sometimes referred to as tools. Many Reflexologists practicing in the USA and the UK have been taught to use only hand techniques when giving a professional treatment. This concept is held by the American Reflexology Certification Board (ARCB) whose bylaws prohibit the use of any type of tool by an ARCB-certified Reflexologist. However, other international research leaders have chosen to use high-tech tools in order to meet the demand and need of the public.

Reflexology tools provide a wide spectrum of benefits for clients, by extending and enhancing the reflexologist's ability to service clients without reducing the level of personal and energetic contact. Reflexologists comment that these special tools reduce their fatigue and promote faster self healing in their clients. Wood tools are uniquely shaped to greatly enhance the ability to detect then press into reflex point regions impossible to access with hand touch only. They also reduce the pressure required to accomplish the same result. Other tools include: low-intensity laser, air-powered percussion, vibration foot plate and foot roller.

Source: Zachary K Brinkerhoff, III, DR, Lakewood CO.


"I have felt an increase in energy and an overall sense of well being. I consider my monthly appointment to be a 'tune-up' ... always something I look forward to!" –Donna C, Denver CO

"My allergies and sinus problems have all but disappeared!" –Shirly M, Denver CO

"With reflexology and exercise I have lost 20 pounds and I have kept it off." –Nancy L, Denver CO

Chapter Source: Isabelle Hutton, RN, Greenwood Village CO

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