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Neuro Emotional Technique

The human body can be compared to a triangle. The three sides are: structural, biochemical and emotional. Each side of the triangle directly influences the other sides. We are healthy when all our aspects are harmoniously balanced. Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) and its associated Neuro Emotional Anti-Sabotage Technique (NEAT) addresses the third, emotional component in a safe, effective, physiological way.

For more than 100 years, Chiropractors have corrected subluxations of the spine. Subluxations cause diminished nerve and organ function, and spinal adjustments correct this structural side of the triangle. In recent decades, clinical research has greatly advanced our understanding of body chemistry and how it is affected by the foods we eat, exposure to toxic pollution and allergens. Healthcare professionals greatly support the biochemical side of the triangle.

Some healthcare practitioners use a procedure called Neuro Emotional Technique (NET), to address the third, emotional component in a safe, effective, physiological way with a spinal adjustment. It is human nature to have an emotional response to significant events in our lives and then return to our "normal" state of being. Sometimes, however, our bodies hold onto a response and "lock it" in our sympathetic nervous system as a neuro-emotional complex (NEC). Eventually, negative emotions conscious or unconscious may manifest as a spinal subluxation and a specific imbalance in a muscle or acupuncture meridian. The result is ill health.

Normally, a person can have an emotional trauma, experience the emotion and release the event. However, if this same person has a neuro-physiological deficit, the same emotional trauma can lodge in the body as an NEC.

NET is a methodology of finding and removing vertebral subluxations associated with NECs which are preventing abnormal emotional responses from returning to their normal physiology. The NET doctor uses muscle testing, body reflex points and semantic reactions physiological responses to memories or words to assist and guide you to recall a specific negative emotion and when it occurred.

NET seeks to normalize a neurological imbalance using a structural correction, allowing a change in physiology. The spinal adjustment stabilizes the subluxation and resolves muscle and meridian imbalances. The underlying negative emotion loses its impact and is less likely to be restimulated. When an NEC is eliminated, the nervous system works better, and a person with a strong nervous system usually deals with life's problems more effectively.

The accumulated layers of structural, biochemical and emotional factors cause ill health. The doctor observes and corrects each of these factors including NECs as they surface. Thus, your return to health is actually a "peeling" process, in harmony with the timing of the body's own healing wisdom.

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Neuro Emotional Anti-Sabotage Technique (NEAT)

NEAT is a branch of NET used by Chiropractors and Psychotherapists. It is a technique that has been under constant refinement since 1988. It has been introduced to over 3,000 health professionals from countries all over the world. NEAT is a practical, immediate and subjectively-felt application of the ever-emerging mind-body paradigm.

The purpose of NEAT is to make certain that the client is congruent with whatever is desirable. Simply, the practitioner requests a client say something that he or she holds to be true or wants to be true.

It is very helpful for a client wanting to make a change to be congruent on the personal declarative "I'm OK with my present situation" weight, job, relationship before going on to "I want to change the situation." This will uncover the underlying issue.

NECs can be discovered by analyzing that which is not OK. Adjusting the corresponding subluxation using a certified practitioner moves the client toward OKness.

Sources: Scott Walker, DC, NET, Inc, Encinitis CA; and PK Hawk, MS.

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