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System to make your face fresh, young, strong, healthy & more beautiful every day
System to make your face fresh, young, strong, healthy & more beautiful every day


You are in charge of your own health, and Complementary Healing practitioners are here to help you. The body is a self-healing, self-maintaining mechanism as long as there are no interferences in its ability to function normally. Your body has patterns in which it learns to operate. If the patterns are good for the body, the result is good health. If not, the accommodation of the patterns can cause discomfort, pain, illness or worse. Establishing new patterns of health is often the best defense against minor and major illnesses and unhealthy conditions.

We've all been admonished to eat right, exercise regularly and keep stressors to a minimum very important to any health program. However, we often do not know what the right foods are, what is optimum exercise for us, or how to reduce or soothe the stressors. Complementary Healing eGuide modalities help in all these areas.

Complementary means acting as a complement to, or completing, one another. Complementary Healing eGuide is an inclusive term that recognizes the interaction of many modalities in assisting an individual to healing. It implies a holistic approach that encourages a cooperative spirit among healing practitioners and is preferred to the term alternative, which creates a separation among healing modalities. Alternative Healing eGuide means not conventional, that is, not using the procedures that are common to Western allopathic medicine.

Western allopathic medicine conventional medicine is associated with therapies that frequently require prescriptions for drugs and sometimes surgery. Conventional medicine holds a valuable place in the total spectrum of healthcare, especially for emergency situations and catastrophic illnesses.

Complementary Healing eGuide is a holistic approach to healing which integrates with conventional medicine, and does not replace it. Holistic means treating the whole person: body, mind, emotion, energy and spirit. Treating only the physical body allows many of the unhealthy patterns to continue. Therefore, many more conventional practitioners are learning and practicing holistic methods.

The goal is for all healing practitioners to work together, assisting you with recovery and prevention and using theleast-aggressive therapies available to treat injuries, illness and other conditions. This will lead to a complete Wellness plan.


Wellness is the state of reaching a healthy level and staying there in an active manner. It is a four-part program to assure health throughout life:

Complementary Healing Movement

There is a strong Complementary Healing movement in Colorado and the rest of the United States. The press, radio, television and the legislature, as well as companies, unions, associations and insurance companies are beginning to understand that Complementary Healing is as equally effective as exclusively conventional medicine for the majority of our health conditions, with the bonus that Complementary Healing is usually less expensive. Doors are opening, information is becoming more public, and activity is increasing to accelerate this Movement.

In March of 1997, the Colorado Legislature passed a milestone bill, HB1183, called the Alternative Medicine bill. It was signed into law in April, and went into effect in August. It allows Medical Doctors to practice Complementary Healing modalities without having to worry about disciplinary actions by the Colorado Medical Board, solely on the grounds that an MD practices Complementary Medicine. Historically, Medical Boards in all states have taken aggressive action against MDs practicing outside conventional standards of practice.

Since that legal worry is behind MDs, they can not only practice Complementary modalities, but feel more comfortable discussing and recommending Complementary modalities to their patients. It will take some time to see a major change in the attitudes and practices of MDs, but now the door is open. This creates several opportunities on which we can all capitalize:

This will not come easily, but it will come naturally as both the public, the media and our health infrastructures discover first hand that Complementary Healing works, and works well(ness).

Please join us in this movement. Show others this book-on-the-web and encourage them to learn more about and the use of Complementary Healing modalities for themselves, their families and their organizations.

Recommended Practitioners

There are many Complementary Healing modalities and practitioners to help you in your quest for good health. Many modalities are discussed in following chapters, in which highly-recommended practitioners are featured.

We have strict standards for the practitioners. They must be:

These practitioners have contributed:

With the recommended practitioners, you will find the modalities and the practitioners that work best for you.
Use these practitioners regularly.

Source: Kenton Johnson, Executive Director.

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