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System to make your face fresh, young, strong, healthy & more beautiful every day

Flower Essences

Flower remedies are a gentle, natural way to assist with healing emotional difficulties. They help restore balance and harmony, thus promoting healing on all levels. Flower remedies were first developed by Dr Edward Bach in the 1930's. He was a London doctor who became aware of the link between emotions and health. Using his intuitive abilities, he was able to discern which flowers would correct which emotional imbalance. He developed a complete system of 38 flower remedies that he felt treated all emotional conditions in humans, plus a mixture of five flowers for emergency treatment (Rescue Remedy).

Since the time of Bach, numerous other systems of flower remedies have been developed such as FES Quintessentials, which is a system of 103 North American flower remedies, designed to address modern conditions. There have also been systems developed especially for animals, such as Anaflora by animal communicator Sharon Callahan and Canadian Forest Tree Essences.

Flower remedies are created by picking the flowers at their peak and placing them in a bowl of water in the sun. The water then becomes the stock flower remedy, containing the vibrational essence of the flower. To dispense the remedy, a few drops of the stock solution are added to a glass dropper bottle containing spring water. Several remedies can be put into the bottle and used together, if desired.

Examples of flower remedies from the Bach line and the conditions they are designed to treat include:


Flower remedies can be used on humans, animals and plants to treat any emotional condition. Since they don't contain actual extracts of the plant, as do herbs, they are completely safe to use, with no side effects. Flower remedies could cause a brief "healing crisis" but generally not a severe one, such as could be experienced with homeopathic remedies or herbs. They are very gentle, even for extremely sensitive people. Also, they will not interfere with other treatments. According to some sources, they can enhance the action of homeopathic remedies. You don't have to believe in flower remedies for them to work, as is attested to by their widespread use in animals. Animal shelters and holistic vets commonly use the Bach Rescue Remedy mixture to treat the trauma of abandonment, abuse and surgery.


Flower remedies are designed to treat emotional conditions, so they should used as an adjunct and not the sole treatment for physical problems. Also, some emotional problems have physical causes; therefore, healing requires treatment of the physical body as well. Causes of flower remedies not appearing to work include: taking the wrong remedy, taking the correct remedy too infrequently or taking the remedy for too short a period of time. Since flower remedies are a vibrational medicine, it is important to protect the remedies from electromagnetic fields that might destroy their properties, such as airport x-ray machines, microwaves and computers. Flower remedies should not be used as a substitute for appropriate professional care of emotional disorders.

Practitioner Qualifications

Flower remedies are totally non-toxic so if the wrong one is used, it will just fail to do anything, rather than cause problems. Therefore, it is safer for the layperson to experiment with them than many other systems of healing, such as herbs. Dr. Bach's intent was to create a simple system that everyone could use. There are numerous books and Internet resources available for learning about how to use flower remedies. The advantage of consulting an expert practitioner is that they are skilled in determining the appropriate remedies to use and experienced in working with them. Consulting a practitioner can therefore bring quicker results and save you from buying remedies that don't help you. Nelson Bach International offers a training program for practitioners, as do some of the other manufacturers of flower remedies.


I treated my elderly cat, who was dying of kidney disease, with the Bach remedy Gentian and the Canadian Forest Tree remedy Animal Whisper, to help her make the transition through death.

A client took the Bach remedy Walnut and reported that her allergy symptoms (stuffed sinuses) cleared up.

Internet References

Source: Margaret Auld-Louie, BA, CRM (Certified Reiki Master), Golden CO.

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