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System to make your face fresh, young, strong, healthy & more beautiful every day


Chiropractic adjustments have been found to be beneficial in the treatment of sprains, strains, bursitis, arthritis, tension and migraine headaches as well as degenerative diseases, sports injuries and pinched nerves.

Chiropractic treatment is recognized by most insurance companies, and more recently, by many HMOs and PPOs.

The following categories constitute acceptable avenues for patient care when in accordance with the Chiropractic clinical judgment:

Most Chiropractors are firm believers in the philosophy that the power which made the body ill can make the body well again. The recognition that the human body has inherent healing powers is common throughout history. These principles are ancient in origin; what is new to this century is Chiropractic's re-emphasis of such doctrines. Just as life is defined as the ability to respond to a stimulus, health in humans must be considered the ability to compensate for internal and external stress.

Chiropractic education includes several hundred hours of study in basic sciences including: anatomy, physiology, pathology and neurology. Additional studies include x-ray analysis, physical examination and diagnosis. Chiropractic students are educated in treatment using natural methods such as manipulation, physical therapy, exercise and nutrition.

Doctors of Chiropractic receive as much training as Medical Doctors and pass similar National Board examinations. Chiropractors are especially trained in the biomechanics and the anatomy of the human body, and are experts in treating disorders of the spine and nervous system. Their training requires a minimum of two years undergraduate work with a minimum four years of education from an accredited Chiropractic college, six months of nutritional training and satisfactory completion of a one and one-half year Chiropractic internship. They are also required to pass three National Board examinations and a rigorous state examination.

Doctors of Chiropractic are primarily concerned with the spine and the nervous system, as it affects all the bodily functions. A misaligned vertebra in your spine can cause symptoms, such as numbness, headaches and pain. This can also affect the transmission of energy from the nerves in the spinal cord to other vital organs in the body, adversely affecting their function. By correcting misaligned vertebrae, a patient can function and perform pain free and at optimum health.

Other doctors of Chiropractic treat the root cause of a particular symptom by first addressing misalignments in the spine, and then delving deeper into different body systems. This holistic approach takes into consideration the whole of a person: body, mind and spirit.

Many Chiropractors are family doctors, since they treat both children and adults for symptoms such as allergies or hormonal imbalances, that do not seem to have an obvious correlation to the spine. For example, some Chiropractors do soft tissue work in the areas where the spine is misaligned, thereby preventing muscles from pulling the spine out again. When the musculoskeletal system is correctly aligned, the doctor then determines if a particular condition, such as poor digestion or fatigue, may actually stem from an improperly functioning organ system.

For a person suffering from asthma or low back pain, a Doctor of Chiropractic will look at very specific areas of the spinal cord and the nervous system for the cause of the problem rather than just treat the symptoms of the disorder.


Kinesiology, commonly known as muscle testing, is a method that some practitioners use to determine the root cause of a particular symptom. Kinesiology treats the body as the intelligent computer that knows exactly what is wrong and what is needed to restore balance. By using hand codes that correspond to different body systems, Kinesiology allows the practitioner to more accurately determine the area of concern.

Kinesiology is also an excellent way to holistically treat sports injuries which often are the result of some muscle systems being stronger and thus being overused more that others.

Also see Kinesiology, Applied

Results of Social Studies

Repeated comparative studies are showing Chiropractic care to be highly effective and often the treatment of choice for many muscular-skeletal problems, such as headaches and back pain.

In 1977, The Health Services and Mental Health Administration of the then Department of Health, Education and Welfare, published a report titled, Ambulatory Chiropractic Practice in Connecticut, HSM 110-72-377, which stated," ... 88% of return patients and 65% of all new patients were referred by other patients–a rather significant percentage. Approximately 79% of visits were for 'acute' conditions..."

In early 1988, the Foundation for Chiropractic Education and Research (FCER), with the co-operation of the Florida Department of Labor and Employment Security-Division of Workers' Compensation, completed an analysis of Florida's workers' compensation claims for back-related injuries. The analysis compares the cost of treatment for patients of Chiropractic, medical and Osteopathic doctors, and includes the costs of both hospital and non-hospital services for back-related injuries.

Some of the study's findings:

  • Chiropractic patients had the lowest rate of incurring compensable injuries when compared to medical or Osteopathic patients
  • Of the patients who incurred compensable injuries, Chiropractic patients were less likely to be hospitalized for treatment
  • When the average number of services and average cost per service were compared, Chiropractic care represented a relatively cost-effective approach to the management of work-related back injuries.

If your health is not optimal, the quality of your life is not abundant or other healthcare approaches are not working, Chiropractic care may be the answer. By taking the right steps to find out the causes of certain everyday problems, needless suffering can be conquered and the need for drugs–either over-the-counter or prescribed–can be eliminated. Take care of your body and know the benefits of living life optimally.

Studies' Source: Chiropractic: State of the Art 1991-1992, American Chiropractic Association


A computer programmer complained of daily tension headaches; Aspirin provided only temporary relief. Treatment consisted of correcting misaligned vertebrae in the neck, relaxing spinal muscles and advising the patient to obtain an ergonomic work station.

A six-year-old girl with epileptic seizures was told to go on medication or not return to school. Five twice-weekly manipulations and nutritional therapies eliminated the seizures. She is now doing fine back in school.

A woman with recent stroke paralysis was treated with stroke nutritional therapy. Within two days, she came in for more nutritionals and did a small jig showing how she had a complete reversal of stroke paralysis.

Sources: Robert Nelson, DC; Michelle Orchard, DC, Aurora CO; and Charles Kimmel, DC, Aurora CO; Charles Janushka, DC, Northglenn CO; David Friedman, DC, Denver CO; Peter Lyon, DC, Boulder CO; and the American Chiropractic Association, Arlington VA, (800)986-4636.

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