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System to make your face fresh, young, strong, healthy & more beautiful every day
System to make your face fresh, young, strong, healthy & more beautiful every day


Full Wave Breathwork is a dramatically effective way to experience joy, health and aliveness. This form of breathing is a natural way to mobilize and support the body's progression toward homeostatic balance and wholeness. It is a method which accelerates and complements modern healthcare and treatment practices.

Full Wave Breathwork was created after years of research and refinement by The International Breath Institute (IBI). IBI's research reveals that Full Wave Breathwork provides a wide range of health-affirming, stress-resolving benefits. IBI provides Full Wave Breathwork workshops to enhance an individual's personal performance and professional competence. These include weekend seminars, facilitation training and certification. Graduates report:

Western mind-body scientists and consciousness researchers have recently rediscovered the breath. Directed breathing patterns have been a vital feature of many Eastern philosophies for centuries. In Western-based systems of education, the potential role of the breath as anything more sophisticated than being the basis for respiration and survival, has been grossly overlooked. Despite findings which indicate that the mind/body system is healthiest when the breath is unrestricted, there is little information made available to the general public about the importance of full and natural respiration. Shallow breathing a condition of the vast majority of people has been linked to a battery of physical and emotional disorders as well as psychosomatic symptoms.

Full Wave Breathwork can alter and improve not only our physical condition, but our emotional and mental states as well. This is not something the intellect learns. Instead it is a new habit that the body is taught. Old breathing patterns are altered to:

Full Wave Breathwork is so named because of its success as a psychological and emotional change agent. Dr. Alan Hymes has suggested in Science of Breath that there are identifiable associations between specific mental/emotional states and holding patterns of tension in the body. As psychoanalysts have long observed, the body constricts in areas where we experience and store the memory of uncomfortable emotions or trauma.

Since much of our emotional experience registers in the abdomen and torso, our emotional responses interact constantly with our breathing. We hold our breath, pause or breathe shallowly to avoid feeling old trauma stored in the chest and abdomen. The body's patterns of breath avoidance become habitual over time. The brain eventually neglects the areas of isolated feelings to protect the nervous system from oversensitivity and stimulation.

The dysfunctional respiration reinforces chronic tension; the tension then suppresses full respiration. The self-repeating loop of tension and shallow breathing becomes habitual. The results are debilitating as emotional responses become increasingly inhibited and the body loses energy. Organs and tissue structures can be adversely affected, and overall immune response weakened.

Full Wave Breathwork interrupts this predictable loop by integrating stuck feelings and resolving tension in the body. As new energy floods depleted areas, traumas are energetically transformed, restoring natural vitality. Continued Full Wave Breathwork reconnects the supply line for all feelings, allowing them full acceptance and integration into the mind-body system. The mind becomes quiet, and inner peace and wholeness emerge as natural states.

Source: Tom Goode, ND, Tuscon AZ

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