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Animal Care

Complementary Animal Care is centered on the philosophy of looking at the whole animal, and treatment is based on supporting the whole animal in the most comprehensive manner. Complementary Animal Care practitioners are using alternative treatments such as Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Healing Touch, Chiropractic, Animal Communication, nature essences and other complementary modalities to treat illness, disease and injuries that have not responded well to conventional medicine.

Nutrition is the foundation to support the body in health and healing. Complementary Veterinarians use a non-interference approach to the healthy body's processes. Supplementing a meat-based commercial diet or using a balanced, organic raw-food diet in addition to nutritional supplements or herbs provide the animals proper nutrition for health.

Recent scientific research suggests that vaccines may have significant long-term side effects and the side effects may increase with the number and frequency of vaccines given. Complementary Veterinarians may recommend fewer vaccines, given singly at intervals, and only those vaccines which are required by law, or are necessary based on the animal's lifestyle and health status.

In the case of animals who are already ill, complementary Veterinarians will sometimes recommend not vaccinating at all because of the possibility of harming the animal. Complementary practitioners may use homeopathic nosodes in place of vaccines, or give homeopathic remedies with vaccines to minimize adverse reactions.

The complementary practitioner looks at the animal's response to the disease. The practitioner uses this information to formulate a program designed to support the animal, and to stimulate and strengthen it's natural defenses. A combination of medical diagnosis and natural alternative therapies provide the Veterinarian with an effective treatment regimen.

Complementary Animal Care providers recognize each animal's unique individuality. They provide a loving, hands-on, nurturing approach to preventive health care.

Complementary Veterinarians certified in modalities such as Acupuncture, Homeopathy and Chiropractic, have undergone rigorous training by established groups, such as The International Veterinary Acupuncture Society, the Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy, and the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association.


The Veterinarian relies on physical examination, history and the owner's observations. Acupuncture is particularly suited to Animal Care, since the an Acupuncturist uses these same diagnostic skills. Acupuncture is effective in treating chronic pain, such as arthritis, tendinitis and disc problems. Digestive diseases, such as inflammatory bowel disease and colitis, may improve with Acupuncture.

Animal Communication

By opening oneself to the possibility of telepathic communication, one opens to the awareness of the spiritual nature of all beings, and to our connection with one another. Animal Communicators can provide valuable information about an animal's innermost thoughts, feelings and needs, which can help solve behavioral problems, heal emotional issues and support the death process. They can also assist in creating more harmonious people-pet relationships.


Many diseases in animals have been treated successfully through the use of Chiropractic manipulations. Improvement is often noticed almost immediately. Older pets and those with chronic symptoms may take longer to heal. Maintenance is recommended to keep the spine in alignment.

Healing Touch (HT) for Animals

HT for Animals, an energy-based approach to healing, utilizes hands-on facilitation and compassionate intentionality to facilitate the body's energy balance. Combining philosophies, techniques and application of Healing Touch and the Komitor Method of Healing, HTA provides the body with a balanced energy system. Healing Touch practitioners as well as complementary Veterinarians are using this modality as a cooperative model to bridge alternative and holistic healthcare with traditional veterinary medicine.


Homeopathy is being used to treat both acute and chronic illness in animals. The use of homeopathy is expanding beyond traditional companion animals to food animals, exotic animals and native wildlife. In particular, wildlife rehabilitators across the country are documenting increased survival and release rates using homeopathic medicines, either in lieu of or in conjunction with conventional medical treatment.

Cure for chronic illness requires patience and a committed partnership between the Homeopath and the animal's caretakers.

Nature Essences

Nature Essences work very well for our animal companions. They correct negative or unbalanced emotional states by "flooding" the patient with the essence of a particular flower, gem or animal. Nature Essences are natural, safe, gentle, effective and easy to use, and can have deep and lasting positive effects on our animal companions.

Sources: Janice Facinelli, DVM, Wheat Ridge, CO; Carol Komitor, CMT, CHTP/I, CHBMT, Highlands Ranch, CO; Jean Hofve, DVM, formerly of Denver, CO; David Fong, DVM, Aurora, CO; Holly Foster, DVM, Arvada, CO; and Barbara Shor, DVM, Longmont, CO.

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