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Writing Guidelines


Guidelines for professional articles to appear in our online Wellness eJournal and our new, printed, Denver Metro CompWellness (CW) journal:

  • Write about areas of high, news-worthy interest that are not covered in the local or national media very well.

  • Computer-compatible form email a word processing file in Word,® Works® or WordPerfect,® or if absolutely necessary, text in an email.

    • CompWellness journal:  400-600 words = 10-15 column inches (2.3" columns, 9 pt Arial type, including title, author, short biography, graphics and pictures*)

    • Wellness eJournal:  600-800 words (can be an extra 200 words added on to the CW article)

  • Download a "template" for journal articles by clicking Article-Base-Word95.doc. Follow the instructions in the heading of this file to help your organize the article as follows:

    • Title followed by Author

    • Attention-catching introduction: first paragraph

    • Main body: 5-7 short paragraphs (from most important to least - called newspaper style)

    • Biography: 1 paragraph (professional modalities and accomplishments, not education, and maybe a word about why you are unique in your business)

  • *Color picture of you, your team, or an illustration/graphic, in computer-compatible form .jpg, .gif, .bmp or .tif call about others. Or you can mail your hardcopy graphics maximum 4" x 7" to our address at the Contact Us Section.

NOTE: These articles will be submitted to local and national media. They will also be referenced in our 21st Century Wellness eLetter when published.


For a chapter in the Complementary Healing eGuide, the criteria are:

  • One or more training centers for the modality, preferably one in the Denver area
  • An association and/or information website on the modality
  • Strong benefits for the public
  • Other practitioners in the Denver Metro area, as well as the US, preferably with a listing of them online or in print
  • Some history for the modality, including some references to it on the Internet Search Engines

Please use our new format to write the following - 500-700 words - as well as provide graphics (drawings, charts, photos) for illustrations. This information will be added immediately as specific headings in our phase III upgrades - all with Source credit and a direct link to your listing in the Members List.

    Brief introduction (1-2 paragraphs), then headings for:

  • Benefits
  • Limitations
  • Practitioner Qualifications (education, registration/licensing, experience)
  • Expanded Description
  • Client Comments - stories, short case histories - you can mention your name, business and location
  • Internet References for more, in-depth information

Repeat the introduction and headings for sub-categories of this modality, such as a specialized form of Chiropractic, Counseling, Massage or Kinesiology in the chapter of that name.

Your Source link is another way for people to find you.

See examples at Facilitation and Health Coaching


To find all pages on our site that match your areas of expertise, go to our Site Search (on the home page: CompWellness.biz/index.htm#Search) and enter your modalities, putting quotation marks around multiple-word modalities. Click to see results for the following example:

Aromatherapy "Essential Oils"


For anything you write for the website, the Internet web catalogs - search engines and web crawlers - will soon pick up your name and add it to their listings, furthering your exposure on the web.

We copyright our eJournal and our 21st Century Wellness eLetter, but you will be free to reprint the article as often as you desire, giving proper credit to the original copyright. Also, we will honor any copyrights you have on your work with proper crediting.

Thank you very much for your participation. Please email your article ASAP.

Vickie T Eaton,
Executive Director

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