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A Holistic Healing Association
Denver, Colorado | 1-302-586-8665* | Info@CompWellness.biz

Member Announcement and Calendar Guidelines

Guidelines for CompWellness Network Member Announcements to be emailed to the local or national Membership are:

  • Events - seminars, courses, expositions - at one of the following price structures:
    • Free OR
    • Very reasonable - $8 per hour or less - OR
    • Specially discounted at least 20% for CompWellness Network Members for the labor portion - excluding direct costs, such as food, lodging and printing materials - to make it worthwhile for Members to consider your promotional announcements over all the others they see*
  • Requirements:
    • Full Professional Membership Level - see Become a Member for pricing. Also, any Membership beginning prior to January 2002 qualifies.
    • Does not compete with a CWPA-sponsored event - avoid Tuesday and Thursday evenings in the third full week of the month in Metro Denver, as well as 7-8AM the second full week of the month, in areas with Breakfast meetings. See our Communications Section for current Gathering schedules.
    • Formatted in an email exactly as desired to be emailed - we will make suggestions, but do no formatting**
    • Center using the centering function of your email composer OR
    • Left Justify with bolded headings
    • For the best impact of your announcement, include the following in your announcment - in the order you prefer.
      (Copy and paste this list into your email composer then type over each entry or use as left-justified headings - see CompWellness.biz/Comm/gather.htm for an example.)
      • Title
      • Date, Time span
      • Presenter, with credentials
      • Two-line description (optional)
      • Location
      • Address and location contact number, with simple directions and possibly a link to a map you generated at MapQuest.com
      • Normal price and Member price (free, $8 per hour or less, or at least 20% discount on labor costs). Include all other costs for enrollment: parking, materials, meals, lodging
      • Two-line motivational statement (optional)
      • Options, such as lunch choices (optional)
      • Registration contact, phone and email
      • Online announcement link (optional)
      • Optional additional information, such as follows (one paragraph each, starting with a bold heading):
        • Background
        • Presenter Biography
        • Business Summary

Calendar Entries

Whether or not your event fits into the price structure, you can have your event included in the printed CompWellness journal's and possibly the online 21st Century Wellness eLetter's calendars. Please use the following format (copy and paste this into your email composer then type over each entry):

"Title," date, time, Location, address.  Presenter/Leader, credentials, 5-10 words further describing the event.  Cost.  RSVP/Registration by date: phone, email and/or web link.

Thank you very much for your participation and cooperation.

Vickie T Eaton,
Executive Director

*If we overuse the Membership email list for other types of emails, we will become a "junk mail" list, then our Group communications will be ignored and discarded.

**However, our fast, effective preparation services are available at $1/minute, minimum $30, paid by credit card

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*Our 1-302-586-8665 health information service is free for the first 5 minutes, then 99 cents per minute on major credit card*

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