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Success Suggestions for 2002

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Thank you very much for your Membership. You have made an excellent decision to join in the continuing efforts of CompWellness Network in the Metro Denver region, as well as the US.

As the only multiple-modality, Holistic Healing Academy in the Denver-Boulder area, we have the mission of expanding Complementary Healthcare via public information, media assistance and publication, as well as inter-association cooperation/cross-referral. Thanks for being part of our mission.

Now take full advantage of your Membership in 2002 ...


Your listing is in our Metro Denver printed journal as well as on our online Members List. Please check it once in a while for accuracy and updates:

This listing can be addressed directly as (yourname is as shown in the listing - with NO blank spaces between your names). You may also address the list by modality as (also with NO blank spaces in the modality name). Try it!

If you have a web ad, page or site on or elsewhere, check it regularly for accuracy and functionality.

Tell everyone about your web listings and ad/page/site - email them with the new address - they want to know!

Proudly display your ads and articles. Mount them on an 11" x 17" foam core or sturdier board, or frame them in your office. On the board, glue a plastic pocket for brochures or cards, and you have a tremendous, portable credibility builder that greatly increases your referrals and encourages new clients to call.

Proudly display the round CompWellness Network membership logo - shows you are a leading provider. Download from here (right click then "Save Picture As" to your Pictures Directory or your Desktop). Add to your promotional materials, business cards, webpage, website, newsletters. If you want a small variation or color separations, just email or call.

See our latest printed journal information at and distribution locations at

You will be rewarded with extra referrals if you introduce yourself to journal distributors, especially healthfood stores:

Look at your eGuide Chapter online at If not already there, please add the following info, as well as graphics (drawings, charts, photos) for illustrations. We will give you Source credit, complete with a link to your on-line listing:

Other Suggestions to GET THE MOST out of your Membership

[ ] Check out our website - see the eJournal, eGuide, Communications and About Us sections.

[ ] You will be receiving the Member version of the 21st Century Wellness eLetter via the Yahoo! Groups email list manger, CWPractitioner. (If you were not already on the list, let us know.)

[ ] Register for our discussion group, where you can post questions, comments, and answers (good PR), at the bottom of (takes 5 seconds).

[ ] Submit announcements about free, very reasonably-priced, or 20%-discounted events: see for guidelines.

[ ] Submit articles for our printed journal , online Wellness eJournal or add to existing chapters in the Complementary Healing eGuide - see below.

[ ] If you have a web site, please cross-link with our site - see how we do it at and some samples at

[ ] Show off the Denver Metro CompWellness directory & journal in your office, especially if you are advertising, and encourage your clients and staff to use the journal as the healthfood stores do - the best referral reference in the region. If you can use more copies, give us a call.

[ ] Sell packages of services at a small discount off single visits: 5-10 visit packs, family packs, 5-10 gift cards, upgrade and add-on cards ... be creative. It makes it especially easy, if you accept credit cards ...

[ ] If you don't currently accept credit cards, enroll in our no-special-equipment-needed, very inexpensive telephone Credit Card Processing - only $80, $105 with imprinter. Call NOVA Systems at 1-888-545-2207 and mention your Membership in our association.

See a nearly complete list of your benefits at the Membership page:


Modify your intake interview or form to ask not "Who referred you?" but "How/Where did you hear about us?" Provide multiple choices for all the ways a client could have seen your name or materials. You'll be positively surprised at the number of ways you have been exposed to new clients!

Upgrade your marketing materials to full color at no additional expense. Our full-color, indelible-ink printer, as well as our marketing savvy and design, will make your marketing materials stand out in the crowd and sing! We do this as a service to Members for about 25%-35% of normal full-color costs.

See for examples and pricing. Note: a letter-size, heavy-stock page with a full-color scene background, cut vertically makes a unique and stunning statement of who you are.

Articles and Chapter Guidelines

Guidelines for the printed CW journal, online Wellness eJournal or add to existing chapters in the Complementary Healing eGuide are at Your article or updated chapter will be summarized in and linked from the online 21st Century Wellness eLetter to more than 600 subscribers.

Graphics or a web location for graphics would be appreciated.

Recommendation Rewards

Each new member that you recommend earns you one-half month of their membership price towards other services - cards, brochure, flyers, web ad or page, journal ad, extended consultation or membership extension.

If you simply send an email or make a 30-second warm-up call / voice mail, as well as call me or copy me on the email, when you've made the call, the reward is doubled to one month. Example message:

"I am a Member of the local and national CompWellness Network. It is (an excellent) Holistic Healing Academy, and Kenton H Johnson, the Director, is (credible), so give a listen when he calls."

So keep those recommendations coming - Name, Credentials, Modality, location, phone, email (if available)

Thank You

It is a pleasure working with the dedicated, pioneering professional that you are. Thank you so much for your participation and trust that we make a difference!

Source: Vickie T Eaton, Director, CompWellness Network.

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