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Getting the Most Out of My Current Referral Network

by Eric Imbody, Life Coach

A powerful checklist presented at the March 2002 CWPA evening gathering.

KNOW MYSELF – What are my values?  ...  Skills?  ...  Accomplishments?  ...  Life mission?  Am I willing to do what it takes to market and develop my business?  Am I willing to be who I would need to be to accomplish this goal?  What ways would I need to stretch to accomplish this?

CREATE A BALANCED LIFE – What actions contribute to my happiness?  … to my high-level wellness?  … to my optimism and confidence?  Do I have balance in the major areas of my life?

SHOW PASSION AND ENTHUSIASM – Am I clear about the “Why’s of my business?  How do I show that I value my work?  Do I communicate passion about my work and about developing my client relationships?

GET TO KNOW PEOPLE IN MY NETWORK AND ALLOW THEM TO KNOW ME – How can we mutually share our intentions, values, interests and needs to create better work relationships?  Do I give my full attention and effectively listen to my colleagues and clients?

BE COMMITTED TO THE SUCCESS OF PEOPLE IN MY NETWORK – Do I make referrals to my network?  Do I utilize the help and experience of those in my network?  Do I share resources that are helpful to those in my network?

BE PROFESSIONAL – Am I constantly improving my job-related skills?  Am I representing my profession with integrity?  Am I known for a high level of  service?  Do I offer value-added benefits for my customers?

CLEARLY SHARE ABOUT MY BUSINESS – Do I share the benefits (versus the features) of my products and services?  Do I share why my products and services are unique?  Do I routinely share 7-15 second “commercials” about what I do that are concise, clear and compelling?

BE EFFECTIVE WITH MY REQUESTS TO THOSE IN MY NETWORK – Am I clear about what I am asking for?  Do I utilize open questions as opposed to closed questions in making my requests?   Do I utilize my network for resources, advice and needed services?  Am I open, to learn from those I make requests of?

HAVE AN ORGANIZED PLAN OF SHARING WHAT I DO WITH OTHERS – Do I regularly utilize those methods of networking that work for me?  Do I acknowledge that all contacts I make are of value (new referrals, new contacts, learning how to be more effective, finding new resources etc.)?

SHOW APPRECIATION AND GRATITUDE TO THOSE WHO SUPPORT MY BUSINESS – Do I acknowledge the strengths, the expertise and the support of those who are a part of my network.?

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Eric Imbody operates Transformation Solutions Life Coaching. The purpose of his coaching is to assist people in transforming their lives away from the dissatisfying, the tolerable or the ordinary toward true life satisfaction and success. He specializes in transition, relationship and success coaching for professionals wanting to fully live their guiding dreams. Eric brings twenty-five years of experience as a counselor, consultant and teacher in the areas of mental health, stress/trauma management and employee assistance programs. He is a Licensed Professional Counselor, a graduate of the Institute for Life Coach Training and is certified through the Relationship Coaching Institute.

Copyright © 2002., Eric Imbody, Denver CO.  Reprinted with Permission.

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