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(as of March 6th, 2004)

NOTE: Fees beyond the Membership Fees changed to reflect our 13-fold Metro Denver exposure rate increase

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Journal for the enhancement of complementary, holistic, alternative and integrative healing and wellness in the Denver Metro area:

6 Inaugural issue: Jan-Feb 2001 6 Now issued monthly 6 Professional journal 6 Full-color ads

6 Very Competitively priced: far and away the best cost per exposure for Metro Denver professional publications - centered around 2/5th cent per copy with excellent exposure - plus tremendous Member Benefits

6 Minimum 26,000 per issue locally, and growing

6 The full, back-page ad
in the StrictlyBusiness newspaper featuring a monthly article from CompWellness,
and in the future, re-introduce our 8-12 page, 24#, self cover journal with directory.

6 Includes: active practitioners, businesses and organizations then in May, calendar entries for some Member events.

6 Main Distribution area: Westminster to Parker, including Golden and Aurora, in more than 200 locations, adding 150 more in the near future:

fine healthfood markets, restaurants, bookstores, hotels, other high-traffic areas, Members and Advertisers


11 issues
26,000 exposures each1




Large Directory Ad

additional $299

70-75 words (Centered, including 2-line Bold contact info and webpage followed by your Logo and 60-word, nicely spaced promotional)


about 2

Directory Ad


40-45 words (Centered, including 2-line Bold contact info and webpage followed by a 30-word, nicely spaced promotional)


about 1

Directory Expansion


4-5 lines (Bold print contact info and webpage, with 10-word promotional2)


about .5

Directory Listing

Included in Professional Membership

1-2 lines
(name, location, phone and website)


about .25


1 Add 10% for each additional issue.   Subtract 15% for each issue less

Example Commitment Plan - Professional Membership and a Directory Ad ($469 + $120 + $299 = $888), per number of issues
1- $222, 2- $355, 3- $488, 4- $622, 5- $755, 6- $888, 7- $977, 8- $1.066, 9- $1,154.
versus $888 pro-rated:  1- $148, 2- $296, 3- $444, 4- $592, 5- $740, 6- $888, 7- $1,036, 8- $1,184, 9- $1,332.

2 Conjunctions or articles are not counted. Hyphenated words and email address count as two words. Additional words are $6.
All artwork and text for ads due 10 days prior to publication (the 15th of each month).

CompWellness Journal Layout and Press Release

All rates are fully pre-paid 15 days prior to publication; $10 charge for invoicing, W.A.C.

Rates include an active Professional Membership for one year (see Membership Section)
in the CompWellness Network
(qualifications: recommendation, education, certification/licensure/registration as available, office see website).

Existing Members may subtract their Membership most-recent fee from these rates.

$75 credited on next contract or other services for each participative recommendation that advertises during contract. Call for more details.

Professional Member Benefits Summary

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Home | CompWellness journal | Communications | Products | About Us | Membership | Member Info Ctr

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