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Contact:  Kenton Johnson, Executive Director:  1-302-586-8665      August 25, 2000


   Littleton COComplementary Wellness announced the latest release of its 500-page information website, as well as its non-conventional income-generation method:  memberships.

   Since mid 1999, the website has provided the up-to-date Complementary Healing eGuide™ on more than 100 mainstream healthcare modalities from Acupressure through Yoga, including several requiring an MD or another doctorate.

   The site also features the Wellness eJournal™ with articles on the four components of wellness, complementary methods, a self-sufficiency/wellness series, and complementary healthcare around the country and beyond.  The 21st Century Wellness eLetter™ summarizes the eJournal articles and new eGuide modalities.

   Membership in the website is designed to keep the site commercial free and to provide more detailed information for members.  Memberships through September are $30 per year for consumers and $120 annually for qualifying practitioners.

   Complementary Wellness’ Director, Kenton Johnson, also provides business, marketing and Internet consultation directly for its members and will soon be launching special information files for practitioners via the membership email list.


   The term, complementary means working together versus complimentary meaning free or flattering.  Similar healthcare terms are integrative, holistic and alternative.

   Since 1996, the mission of the Complementary Wellness professional group has been to facilitate wellness, by facilitating the full complement of healing modalities, in Colorado, the US and beyond, with the following objectives:

   The member practitioners have passed strict qualifications to be part of the Complementary Wellness professional group.  Each practitioner, and the Director, is available as a resource to the media.  Please do not hesitate to call.

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