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Healthcare Holistic Healing Academy Formed
Will Expand Understanding and Help Implement Mainstream Complementary Methods throughout the Nation

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Denver CO, January 31, 2002 - The national CompWellness Network (CWPA) has been formed to expand the understanding of mainstream, well-researched Complementary Healthcare modalities - Acupuncture through Yoga - that can save up to 92% on total healthcare costs.

"We have been operating as A Holistic Healing Association since 1996 when we began writing our first free book, the Complementary Healing Guide," says Kenton H Johnson, Executive Director of the Denver-based group. "We have simply formalized who we are and officially become a Colorado Non-Profit Corporation."

The group's Mission, as stated on their very comprehensive website, is to facilitate wellness, by encouraging the use of a full complement of healthcare modalities, in the Region, US and beyond. By mainstream, the association means those physically-oriented modalities that have been shown to be effective, by studies, experience and public scrutiny.

"The highly-qualified member representatives of these modalities have been thoroughly screened by CWPA to be: properly educated, hold recognized credentials and practice in professional offices," Johnson adds.

The association's Objectives are to:

Educate the public on the full range of mainstream complementary healthcare options, and to accelerate wellness using pro-active Complementary modalities to:

  • Assure prevention through regular, healthy personal habits
  • Encourage healing through time-tested healthcare practices and practitioners
  • Realize better health at lower costs.

Promote wellness, complementary healthcare modalities and the Members to the public via:

  • Centers of influence
  • The media
  • Related organizations and institutions

Develop and publish information sources on complementary healthcare modalities and wellness:

"Our long-term goal," says Johnson, "Is that every local organization offering a healthcare benefit expand to a full spectrum of healthcare offerings. More and more studies, including a 10-year Blue-Cross/Blue-Shield study concluded in 1996, have shown that using mainstream modalities, in addition to Western Medicine, increases health and reduces healthcare costs by as much as 92%." (See more in previous media release.)

A complete article is in the group's online Wellness eJournal.

CWPA is not a formal provider network such as Sloan's Lake or Capstone Chiropractic Network, but as an association with only well-recommended, thoroughly-screened Complementary Healthcare practitioners, products and services, the Member List would certainly be an excellent resource list to use when any organization - small to large, profit, non-profit or government - is expanding its healthcare benefit offerings.

CWPA members stand ready to: answer questions, be interviewed, assist organizations in their research and implementation of Complementary Healthcare modalities.

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Complementary Wellness Proposes
Solutions to Exploding Healthcare Costs

Denver CO, September 2001 - The national CompWellness Network has proposed solutions to the exploding healthcare costs that have made headlines in recent weeks. The bottom line:  expand healthcare offerings to include mainstream, well-researched Complementary Healthcare modalities - Acupuncture through Yoga - that can save up to 92% on total healthcare costs.

"This is our long-term goal," says Kenton H Johnson, Executive Director of the Denver-based Holistic Healing Academy. "We envision every local and national organization offering a healthcare benefit to expand to a full spectrum of healthcare offerings, which we call Complementary Healthcare."

"Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Iowa retrospectively analyzed the health data of 693 staff, faculty [and their families at] the Maharishi University of Management from 1985-1995. BC/BS found that they were much healthier than most people statewide and those of similar education and status. According to the news release, the findings specifically found that 'individuals following a health regimen of diet, exercise, ... meditation program, and herbs cut their medical use and costs up to 92% compared to statewide norms.'" From American Journal of Managed Care, May 1, 1996

Complementary Healthcare, sometimes referred to as Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM), includes:  Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Fitness Therapies, Massage Therapies, Naturopathy, Yoga, and the holistic forms of conventional practices - Animal Care, Medicine, Nutrition, Nursing, Physical Therapy and Vision Care.

A complete article is in the group's online Wellness eJournal, as well as in the Denver Metro Complementary Wellness journal.

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