I'm glad you are interested in working with us in Denver, because ...
We promote and support you in 29 ways - 21 included in the Membership fee - and can
immediately save you money on web, printing, Coaching, networking and advertising services.
    In addition, we are accelerating a massive project this year that will change the face of healthcare benefits in US companies then government:  major Healthcare Cost Savings, productivity increases, employee longevity (both as an employee and in life), market-changing price reductions, and a quantum leap in US health.
    We have found a way to save about 50% of the 14% of our GNP used for healthcare in the US.   We are working to do this organization by organization - sole proprietor or 1000's of employees.   We will be bringing Members into our clients' businesses to provide direct, fee-based services and products.
    See our initial thoughts stated or linked to articles at www.ProfitableWellness.com.  All businesses, practitioners and employees that are involved will benefit, so join up to be in the initial team of Members.
    To insure success in the Healthcare Cost Savings Consulting and as a major service to the community - public and practitioners - we will also be implementing a 24-Hour First Point of Contact service connecting the public to practitioners 24/7.
    Let's talk again by the 15th of each even-numbered month to meet our press deadlines, start the acceleration of your business immediately and bask in the high interest from the public in your services:  1-302-586-8665 / 1-888-804-9355.
    We focus strictly on the physical market - body and mind, the first step to expand one's healthcare beyond the conventional.  Spirit and metaphysical come as a client grows.   This way we can convert more people into the Complementary Market, instead of just "preaching to the choir." 

    As your full-time advocate and consultant, we offer much more than any other association with a publication and other independent publications... and at a better price per true exposure.  See Member Benefits Summary and their Superior Value below.
NOTE:  in addition to the quotes for Membership and In-line Directory Ads below, we can add additional listings for individual practitioners or several in a modality for only $8 per month ($96 per year), as a Full Professional Member. 
See Russell Louie and Margaret Auld-Louie's listings under Aromatherapy and Reiki.  We also have discount plans for multiple ads.

Executive Summary
    The Complementary Wellness Professional Association is dedicated to you and the Complementary Healthcare community:
        * Promote Complementary Healthcare benefits via many channels, including our 500-page website** and popular CompWellness journal Directory at 200+ Denver-Metro locations and growing
        * Encourage the public and their institutions to widen their healthcare modalities - creating a much larger market for you
        * Show you the clear path to be as successful as you would like to be via:
            - My 25 years of personal success as a professional practitioner and Marketing/Computer consultant
            - Other Members providing top-notch consulting, coaching and other professional services
        Basically:  if you want full-service help - we are the only ones who have it - 
if you just want listings or an ad - there are a dozen other ways to go
(though their price per true exposure is much more expensive)
         **CompWellness.biz has the most content and the highest Internet ranking of all Complementary Healthcare sites in Colorado for dozens of keywords.  See below.

 Membership-only plan is only $52 per month.

  We accomplish our services to Members through:
            * Powerful Articles on your services and products - publishing opportunity for you with our help - from the online eJournal -> announced in our email eLetter -> selected media
            * Inexpensive yet powerful Directory Action Ads - $59 per month - similar prices to local journals, yet 6-10 times the true exposure - includes your Membership fee
            * Attractive Listings - online and printed
            * Email Announcements - your events and special offers
            * Networking - other Members and professionals
            * Market-Savvy Coaching - Marketing, Internet, Business and Sales
            * Inexpensive Web Names and Pages - create pages on our site that will "coat-tail" on our very high search engine ranking - difficult to buy any other way.  See examples below.
            * Inexpensive Full-Color Printing from Word 2000, Publisher 2000 or PDF 5.0 (or earlier versions)
            * Other creative methods of marketing and information distribution

~~~~~~ Read on for more exciting information, or stop here and call to sign up:  1-302-586-8665 / 1-888-804-9355 ~~~~~~

          Russell Louie, Golden (303)271-1649, Focused businessman, Columnist, Upgraded Directory Advertiser
          Harriet Storrs, Lakewood (303)526-0489, Superior Counselor, Direct Sales Client, Upgraded Directory Advertiser
          Roland Thomas, Littleton (303)683-8113, Pioneer in Nutrition, Columnist, Directory Advertiser, Publishing Client

    Some of the info you've requested, on our site www.CompWellness.biz:
    * CompWellness  journal Directory information at www.CompWellness.biz/Journal/index.htm and ad rates at www.CompWellness.biz/Journal/adrates.htmsee graphic of latest issue  - journal Directories can be found at any of the locations listed at www.CompWellness.biz/Journal/distlocs.htm.
       Total price for Directory Ad, with listings on the web,
plus opportunities for online articles and email announcements, is only $59 per month.
Other Payment plans and credit cards are accepted.

    * Members List -
www.CompWellness.biz/members-2005.htm - move down a half page to "Find a Practitioner or Business by Modality" and click on your modalities.  Includes links to emails and websites.
    * Communications Section -
www.CompWellness.biz/Comm - see our many communications to Members, the Media and the general public, including our networking events
    * Membership benefits -
www.CompWellness.biz/join.htm#Benefits (very reasonable annual fee and great benefits included in advertising rates quoted above) -  also listed below.
$469 Memberships can be paid by credit card:  $52 per month, $94 bi-monthly or $136 quarterly

    * You may then: 
         -  Create real Marketing Presence 24 hours per day - Top search engine ranking worth $100s:
                * Improve the ranking and look of your web ad or page on our site <<< best value available
                * Build a web ad or page on our site - see www.CompWellness.biz/Comm/mrktmms.htm for information and example links - suggest YourCompanyName.com or YourName.com.  <<< best value available
         - Cross-link with our site - see www.CompWellness.biz/resourc.htm   <<< important for search order ranking 

         - Submit articles for our local printed CW journal, our online Wellness eJournal or add to existing chapters in the Complementary Healing eGuide  <<< a superior benefit
                Summarized in our 21st Century Wellness eLetter 
                Submitted to local and, if appropriate, national media. 
         - Submit announcements about free, very reasonably-priced or discounted events:  see www.CompWellness.biz/anncmnts.htm for guidelines.  <<< very effective benefit


Yours in Health,


Kenton Johnson
1-302-586-8665 /
Executive Director, CompWellness Network - Celebrating our EIGHTH YEAR of service!
Publisher, Complementary Healing Guide/eGuide, Wellness eJournal, 21st Century Wellness eLetter, Denver Metro CompWellness journal/Directory

Member Benefits Summary
(Latest list of benefits: www.CompWellness.biz/join.htm#Benefits)
Advertiser Member Benefits                                                                                              Minimum Annual Value*
Opportunities to be published:  online eGuide & Wellness eJournal,
 then submit your articles to local and national media (versus a PR consultant or ads)         $ 480
Discounts on other services:  legal services, extended consultation, color printing, 
web ad or page (see www.CompWellness.biz/Comm/mrktmms.htm) - median savings     356 
(Note your web ad/page assumes our top ranking on all web search engines - priceless)
Inclusion in our online (www.CompWellness.biz/members-2005.htm) and printed, public, well-valued Practitioners Lists:
Bi-monthly printed lists to healthfood stores, media and other centers of influence/referral          300
Forward email event announcements to the Membership (10-20% savings)      240
Several Denver-area networking and collaborative monthly Business Development Breakfasts and Experiential Exchanges
(see notices at www.CompWellness.biz/Comm)    280
Marketing consultation:  refinement and expansion, review marketing materials,
suggest ways to implement new ideas - includes a site visit ...    240
Internet consultation:  maximize exposure, use, best design/hosting,
review website, improve search engine ranking, ...    180
Business consultation:  Manage your business better, utilize our business consultants ...    180
Sales consultation:  convert calls to clients, follow-up ...    180
Direct referrals from us and other Members (not counting subsequent visits & client referrals)      450
Member-only information, including Internet usage, marketing and practice-management tips     100
Cross Membership, promotion, discounts and cooperation with other Holistic Healing Academys,
such as ABMP, AMMA, CAP, CMN, HANG and more in negotiations    100
Continue to educate and promote you to your media:  Radio, TV and Print     100
Discounted, low-overhead credit card processing through a national service (no equipment required)    160
 Total Value:  at least $3,400             Membership Fee:  only $469
Best exposure for journal Directory ads (ad rates at www.CompWellness.biz/Journal/adrates.htm) - savings     2,100
Total Value with Ad:  at least $5,500  
Ad rates - including Membership:  about $669
Payment plans and credit cards are accepted.
* Based on industry-standard consulting/coaching rates, labor, discounts, ad and other rates

  Membership-only plan is only $52 per month.
**Top Search Engine Ranking
We are doing very well on web searches.  They seem to like us, probably because of outbound and inbound links, as well as non-profit status and that we've been up since 1999.
 So ... your name, listing, web page & articles, as well as other online contributions, will be very easy to find at the top of the lists. 
We can be easily found by general term searches in www.Google.com (shown) as well as other,  non-paid majors:  www.Yahoo.com, www.AltaVista.comwww.Mamma.com & www.Lycos.com (all words with a + sign have to be included in the result):

Professional +Wellness +Association - number 1 All  - completely fill up the viewplane (top 4 entries) in Google
Wellness +Healthcare +Denver - number 1-2 All - top 5 entries in Goggle
Complementary +Wellness - number 1 in All of Google (Yahoo and MSN now using Google) AltaVistaMamma & Lycos.com
Wellness +journal +Denver - number 1-2 All - 4 of the top 6 entries
Complementary +Healthcare +Colorado - number 1-2 All - top 5 entries on Google 
Complementary +Healthcare +Association - number 1 Google & Yahoo; page 1 AltaVista, Mamma & Lycos
Complementary +Healthcare +USA - number 1-2 Google, Yahoo & AltaVista; page 1 Lycos
Wellness +Components - number 1-2 Google, Yahoo & Mamma; page 1 Lycos
Wellness +Components +Non-Profit - number 1-3 Google, Yahoo, Mamma & Lycos
Complementary +Healthcare - page 1 Google, Yahoo & Mamma
Wellness +Colorado - number 1-3 AltaVista, Mamma & Lycos; page 2 Google
Wellness +practitioners - number 1-8 All but Yahoo
Wellness +practitioner +Colorado - number 1 All but Mamma
Wellness +Healthcare - page 1 Google, AltaVista & Mamma
Wellness +Healthcare +Professional - number 1-2 Google, Mamma & Lycos; page 1 AltaVista
Wellness +Attitude - page 1 Google, Yahoo, AltaVista & Mamma
Naturopathy +Wellness +Denver - number 1-2 Google, Yahoo, Mamma & Lycos
Naturopathy +Wellness +Colorado - number 1-2 Google, Yahoo & Mamma
Naturopathy +Colorado +Non-Profit - number 1-2 Google, Yahoo, Mamma & Lycos
Homeopathy +Wellness +Denver - number 1-2 Google, Yahoo & Mamma
Therapeutic +Day +Spas - number 1 Mamma; page 1 Google & AltaVista
Wellness +Professional Healthcare - number 1-2 Google, Yahoo & Lycos; page 1 AltaVista