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A Holistic Ministry
Denver, Colorado | 1-302-586-8665 | Info@CompWellness.biz

1-302-586-8665 - The HotLine

Call us if you are:

  • In pain or have chronic conditions:

    99¢ per minute after 5 minutes - PayPal Account Required

    Referral to the right top-notch practitioners and products

  • Any businesses wanting to substantially reduce healthcare costs

  • Health-oriented businesses looking to thrive

  • Organizations needing an answering service:

    • Practitioners
    • Clinics
    • Groups of Practitioners tightly networked in the same Metro area
    • Groups of Clinics or Practitioners tightly networked nationally or internationally
    • Product suppliers with outlets locally, nationally or internationally

Mission Statement

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*Our 1-302-586-8665 health information service is free for the first 5 minutes, then 99 cents per minute on major credit card*

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